The Best Way To Avoid Another Loveless Year

Have you found yourself spending time thinking about a man and a relationship you DON’T have lately?

Have you felt lonely missing the kind of love and relationship in your life that you know is possible?

If so…

You’re closer to having love, a great man, and a great relationship in your life than you might imagine.

I mean it. I’m not just saying that to try and make you feel better.

This new year could be the year that the one special man and relationship will come into your life forever… or that one special connection you’ve already found finally comes together.


If you’re like lots of women, as much as you want and try for love, you’re NEVER going to have the relationship you want with the man you really want.


Not because you aren’t a good person.

Not because you don’t want it.

And not because you aren’t willing to give yourself and your love in order to get it in return.

No. You’re problem isn’t any of this.

In fact, you probably find yourself suffering from being too giving.

Your problem is that you’re secretly scared and frustrated that you don’t really know what it takes to bring the right man and the right relationship to you… and make it LAST.

So instead you try desperately to make the little love that you are receiving and experiencing into more than it is.

And your struggling and frustration in this is only making things worse.

Let me ask you…

Do you have the love and the relationship you really want in your life right now?

And did the last year bring you all the love and the joy you hoped it would?

Or are you still struggling with how to find and meet the right guy, how to connect with him… and how to build a real, loving, and lasting relationship?

Are you living your life to the fullest, and experiencing all the love and connection that’s possible?

Or have you spent most of the last year “spinning your wheels”, with little or nothing to show for all your blood, sweat, and tears?

I’m asking about all this for an important reason…

Because if you went through unnecessary pain and heartache over the last year because of how things have gone with men in your life…

I want to help make sure you NEVER have to suffer from the same mistakes and experience… the same awful feelings in your future.

You open to some help with that?


That’s why it’s time to look back and learn why it is that you have NOT had what you want in your love life yet.

A tremendous amount of learning and power comes from taking a look at what you’ve been doing and asking yourself honestly “Why isn’t what I’m doing working?”


It’s also time for you to really and truly start creating what it is YOU want.

As luck would have it, it just happens to be that time of the year when it’s good to take a step back and consider what’s actually important, and what’s happened over the last year of your life.

That’s why I want to ask you something.

And try to be as honest with yourself about this as you can be…

Did you figure out exactly how to start creating what it is you really want in your love life in the New Year?

Are you CONFIDENT in your ability to find and create the love you want in your life? And to keep it going?

Do you know what it takes to have a man in your life who is irresitibly ATTRACTED to you for the right reasons… and who feels that you are the kind of woman he could truly open up to, love, and share his life with?

And do you know how to work through the “bumps in the road” and the uncertainty that’s sure to come up in a real, intense, loving relationship?

Or are you just trying to fake it until a man comes along and loves you so much that he makes everything easy and OK? And he takes away that hidden fear and insecurity you have about whether you’ll ever be loved and have the kind of loving and secure relationship you want?

If there’s any time to sit back for a second, take stock of yourself and your life, and set a new path for love and success… it’s RIGHT NOW.

So let me help you now that you’re open to shedding your old skin and transforming your life with men, dating, and relationships.

Here are some of the tough questions you need to ask yourself if you’d like to create a better love life for yourself in the New Year…

I want you to really think about what I am asking here, and how an honest answer to each of these will help you identify what you can do to change your “luck” in love.

1) Are you selective in choosing the men you commit to and share yourself and your love with? And just as important, do the men in your life understand that you are selective?

2) Do you communicate your expectations effectively, and get what you want from the men in your life? Or at least get positive results when you communicate?

3) Have you stopped trying to “convince” a man to like you or love you… and to stay with you?

4) Are you the one who is in charge of your emotions, and how you communicate them? Instead of them being in charge of you?

5) Do you know how to communicate your value and confidence without words so that a man will sense and FEEL your worth just by being around you?

6) Do you know how to trigger a “deeper” level of ATTRACTION in a man that goes beyond physical desire and sparks intense emotions and a sense of bonding with you that lasts for more than a few hot nights?

Chances are, you answered NO to at least one of these questions… and that means you’re making a few critical mistakes that are proven to push men away and kill any kind of real ATTRACTION and “long-term interest” they might feel for you.

But don’t worry, that’s normal if you haven’t learned what it takes to have a great guy and a great relationship in your life that lasts.

The good news is, now you can easily start to identify the mistakes you’re making and, with a few quick and easy changes… start getting more love and fulfillemnt out of 2007 than you have ever before.

The only question now is…

Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself and to your happiness in love this year?

Because if you want to experience love and commitment with a man, you are going to have to make a commitment to creating your best self first.

And creating the woman you are inside that a man will be magnetically drawn to and find irresistible.

The best way I know of to help get you off to an amazing start and give you all the insights you’ll need into how men think and feel when it comes to women is HERE:

If you’re ready to turn your luck around right now and make 2007 the year that changed your love life forever… then you need to go and download a free trial copy of my ebook “Catch Him & Keep Him”

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In it, I go into specific details about how to turn the “No” answers you had to the questions I asked above into resounding “Yeses”.

You’ll learn what is really going on inside a man’s head, simple tactics to get his attention and hold it… and how to approach all your relationship conversations in a way that will leave HIM wanting to be with you and stay with you in a long-term commitment.

If that’s what you want.

Unfortunately, most women never learn how to make a man feel so intensely ATTRACTED to them that they are the ones deciding how and when the relationship moves forward.

wouldn’t it feel great to have your CONFIDENCE back in this way… to where a man wasn’t the one calling the shots?

To make it even easier for you to start 2007 off on the right foot, you can go and download my ebook right now and be reading it in literally just a few minutes.

Read it, try it out for free for 7 days, and if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can keep it and not pay a dime. Just let me know and I won’t bill you.

No questions asked.

Your new love life and the amazing experiences you’ve been missing and hoping for are right in front of you… if you want to make them come true for you.

The next step is yours. And all you have to do is TRY by a few clicks of your mouse, and you could transform your love life FOREVER.

Don’t let this new year, and the love you could be sharing in your life pass you by because you didn’t take the time to learn what it takes to have what you want with a man.

You’ve got nothing to lose. And a lifetime of love and fulfillment to gain.

Go here now to read all the details and download my eBook free for a full week.

Bring love back into your life HERE:

I wish you a love-filled New Year, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Your friend,

Christian Carter


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