Break Your “Patterns” In Love & Relationships

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Have you found that your relationships with men take you to a “better place”?

Or do you find that you ultimately end up feeling “drained” and let down with men and relationships because the same patterns keep popping up and repeating?

Patterns such as:

-Having a man be loving and affectionate with you at first, but then pulling away when you get close, or things start to get “serious”

-Losing touch with everything else in your life besides the man you’re with and your relationship. (This includes neglecting your
friends, family, hobbies, passions, etc.)

-Always being the one to “carry” your relationship and doing all “the work”

-Being too busy or tired to actively pursue YOUR DREAMS and what makes YOU happy?

Recognize anything here?

Here’s the tough thing about these kinds of patterns…

Not only do these kinds of things reveal a lot about the things you’re not so crazy about in men that aren’t going away… but they also end up bringing out the worst in you.

I mean, how many times have you looked backon a past relationship and, only after it’s over,have you been able to finally see the things you were doing wrong?


Ever feel like your relationship, or the state of mind the man you’re with is “holding you back”?

Or that the fact that you DON’T have the right man in your life is limiting you?

Lots of women feel this way, where there’s something that relates to a relationship with a man that’s keeping them from being truly happy and fulfilled.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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