Using Your Intuition To Attract A Man

Have you ever felt “magic” with a man?

Where the connection and chemistry you and he share is so strong that something inside tells you that it’s something special and real?

You both can’t stop thinking about each other and your lives start to “naturally” fall into sync.

So let me ask you…

Have you ever noticed that when you’re really connected with a man that you both can actually start to feel and experience what each other are going through?

It’s like your minds are connected somehow.

Well, have you ever thought about what that “magic” connection that you have is, and how it works?

Or how you could use it more to improve your relationship?

Good. You and I are in sync too.

Now, let’s get into using the incredible and unique power of using your own INTUITION to connect with a man on a deeper level and build the level of intimacy and attraction he feels with you…

Tell me if any of the following seem strangely familiar to you:

-He starts acting restless and talking about how he isn’t really ready to “settle down” and wants his “freedom”

-He tells you that he didn’t see things getting “serious” so fast

-He doesn’t make an effort to connect with you, give you praise or attention, and stops sharing any personal thoughts or feelings

-He stops making you a priority. He wants to spend all of his time with friends or other people and doesn’t value time together anymore

-He never initiates anymore. He isn’t as physically excited and into you as he was at first

-He starts flirting, talking to or even hanging out with other women

Recognize any of these?

Ouch, right?

So what in the world can you do about it when a man is acting so withdrawn and closed off like in these situations above?

Well, tell me…

Did you ever sense any of these things coming before they happened, or when they started, but you didn’t have any “proof”?

Fascinating how that works.

What’s going on here?

Well, what’s happening centers around an important idea I want you to understand-

That you instinctively know more about what’s going on in the world around you than you or your conscious mind fully recognizes.

So here’s the deal…

You ALREADY HAVE a magical ability inside you that comes up for you every once in a while.

So all you have to do is learn how to consciously tune into it.

This “magic” is what we also refer to sometimes as INTUITION.

So how does it work and what is it?

In short, intuition is something that comes “pre-wired” in your brain.

The way your conscious and subconscious mind is hooked up to the rest of your complex body systems and senses make it possible.

So the good news is that this ability is there for you anytime you want to use it.

But the bad news is that you have to take time to fully tune into it and recognize your ability.

It a kind of “practice”.

Music is a good way to explain it.

You can’t just pick up an instrument and start playing, right?

But once you start to become more aware of the instrument, the music and how to play, things startto naturally fall into place.

And soon sounds, melodies and rhythms just start to flow out of you in the moment.

Like they appear out of thin air, and nothing could feel more natural.

And your mind is able to process all the information coming at it that used to overload it.

But now it can take it all in and use it to actually ANTICIPATE what’s next.

Well, this is EXACTLY what this magical ability of yours called intuition is like.

Your mind is constantly picking up on information from your environment, even when you’re not really conscious of it.

And all that information is being “processed” over and over to try and calculate the risk, danger, and expectations from your environment to try to find a way towards the outcome you want.

So let’s get to it.



Using your intuition might be the best, and in some situations, the ONLY way, that you’ll be able to know what’s really going on inside the mind of a man.

And even better, the best way to find a way to help him understand YOU and your feelings.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, and I can hear it now…

“You mean I have to give some understanding in order to get it?”

Ummmm, yeah. You do.

It’s called maturity.

And if you’re completely honest, I think you’ll remember that deep down even YOU don’t always know exactly what your feelings mean or how to make sense of it all.

So how do you expect a man to take in the small part of your feelings that you can explain with words and understand and relate to you?

Here’s an answer to get you started-

Use your intuition and let it guide you.

So how do you do that?

I’m going to give you a short-cut guide to getting in touch with your intuition.

That way, you can start getting the benefits of understanding and becoming understood.


Step 1: Clear Your Mind Of Fear And Doubt

Some women end up worrying almost obsessively that something is wrong or going badly with a guy they’re interested in or dating once they see some negative sign or pattern.

And once this happens, they want to know what’s going on so intently, and often expectthe bad, so they let their negative thoughts take over.

If you want to be able to use your intuition, you need to start interrupting that voice in your head that’s the “fear-monger”.

You know the one - that voice that’s always worrying just to try and keep you safe and protected. And to predict all the bad things you’ve seen and felt before so that you don’t have to go through them again.

The thing is, you can’t find the truth in a situation if you and your mind is buried inside your mind in fears and doubts.

Step 2: Accept That Men Don’t Make “Sense”

All those frustrating things that men do that don’t make any sense to you as a woman will NEVER MAKE SENSE.

Stop trying to make sense of them.

Trying to make sense of a man in your own terms is entirely counterproductive and will only make you frustrated.

To learn about things you don’t already know, like intuitive ideas, you have to have to look with a different set of eyes - not
the same ones you always use for yourself.

Step 3: You Can’t Figure Everything Out

Have you ever REALLY hit it off with a guy but after a few weeks or months, even though things seemed great, the man pulled away and starting acting distant and cold?

Most men, at one time or another, do things like this that are impossible to analyze and figure out.


EXPECT to NOT UNDERSTAND everything a man does.

If you can become more comfortable with the idea of not knowing everything about WHY a man does what he does, then you’ll feel a strange sense of calm relaxation - along with an increase in your own self-confidence.

And guess what? This ends up being VERY UNIQUEand very ATTRACTIVE when a man sees and senses that you can be confident and “centered” in those times where other women he knows have acted a little “too emotional” for him.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s OK for a man to do whatever he wants, and that you should accept any negative and withdrawing behaviors without having your own feelings about it -and “pretending” it’s all ok.

But the more relaxed and positive you think and feel around these things, no matter what the man is doing, the sooner you’ll stop fighting everything in your mind and start creating better
situations for yourself.

It’s frustrating and counterintuitive, but accepting what’s going on and moving forward from that reality in a positive way changes the whole frame of the situation.

There’s a funny thing about the way the world works… and especially about how men are when it comes to relationships with women-

Step 4: Listen For More Than Words

Intuition doesn’t talk in straight answers,or in plain logical English.

It’s much more abstract.

Your intuition talks to you through feelings, images, and bodily sensations such as “gut feelings”.

Most people, especially women I know, are usually in an open and relaxed state when they get intuitive gut feelings and understandings.

If you don’t think you have a strong intuitive sense, simply try asking yourself more questions and keep them mulling around
in your mind.

When you’ve got something in the back of your mind, something amazing happens without you even trying.

Your brain takes notice and uses all your senses to find any sign or trace of information that relates to your questions as you go about your day.

It’s kind of like a search running in the background on your computer - even though you’re doing something else it doesn’t stop looking.

After you’ve asked your questions, your mind will start sending you ideas, feelings and images without you even thinking about it.

But sometimes it usually takes more time than you’d like.

Finally, your intuitive voice will eventually just pop up and start to give you hints and information without you even asking for it.

And then it’s up to you to pay attention, acknowledge it and make good use of it.

The huge mistake too many women make is when they get intuitive messages that they don’t like, or that scare them.

When this happens, a mature Woman will look at the intuitive message she’s getting and go to a place of figuring out how she can use the message she’s getting in a constructive way for herself - and for her relationship.

Step 5: Ask Your Intuition Questions

One of my favorite things to do is to train and tune my intuition with each new person I meet.

And I’ve personally found that body language has become the thing that gives me special intuitive hints about people and situations.

If you’re new to using your intuition or you’re concerned with if or how to act on it, start with smaller things that might be less important.

Like whether or not you should go away for the weekend or if your friend will like the gift you’ve been thinking about for them.

That way, you can be practicing and learn to use your intuition without doing it in high-risk or high-pressure situations.

This will help you develop your abilities and become more comfortable to trust what you find.

One of the areas that lots of women have the most problems using their intuition andtuning into where the man in their life is

Step 6: Act With The “Long-Term” In Mind

Years ago I had a huge learning experience when it came to using and listening to my intuition in the right way.

The situation came up when I was worried that a few people I worked with, who were my managers at the time, we’re talking about me and scrutinizing my work more closely than they had

Feeling and sensing the scrutiny, I immediately felt worried about my job and wondered if they were thinking about letting me go.

The company had lain off several employees a few months before, so I began to think that their extra attention to my work must have something to do with another round of cost-cutting.

Anyways, aside from my own professional insecurities at the time, my gut told me that something bad was coming.

So what should I do, I asked myself.

I was really worried.

I decided to push myself even harder at work to try and show them how valuable I was in hopes that I would keep my job.

But that uncomfortable and nervous feeling in my stomach that came with my intuition about their scrutiny of my work stayed with me for the next several weeks.

Well, it turns out that my managers were watching me and judging my performance. But it wasn’t for the reasons I feared.

A few weeks later I was called into a meeting with the managers who had been watching me closely.

Walking down the hall to the meeting, I had a lump in my throat and a turning stomach.

My intuition was leading me to the conclusion that this was it - I was sure that I was about to be fired for the first time in my life.

I couldn’t believe it.

So I walked into the meeting feelings anxious, defensive and tense.

As I sat down, one of my managers could immediately sense my discomfort and asked me what was wrong.

Without provocation, I immediately started defending my job and showing my insecurities.

My emotions got the best of me and I even said a few negative things about the managers themselves, as I wanted to place what I saw as equal blame on the managers for the companies problems.

Luckily, they finally stopped me before I didtoo much damage.

Then they let me know that they had been watching my performance because they wanted to put me in charge of a new division.

They wanted to be confident in their decision so they paid extra attention to my work to be sure- and now they were.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and my mood completely changed.

End of story.

Thinking back, my intuition had alerted me so that I’d be aware of what was going on.

But the mistake I made was taking that information and using it to justify my own fears and insecurities.

If I would have taken the information, been patient with it and applied it towards my goals in a positive context, then the entire experience knowing that the managers were watching my work
would have been different.

Maybe even productive for me.

But I didn’t use my intuition to see my way to something better. I simply used it as a means to worry and stress myself out over my own fears. So all this talk about intuition.

How does it really apply to the men in your life, dating and relationships?

Well, take a man with some of those common negative male behaviors-

-fear of intimacy
-inability to commit
-flirting, cheating

Intuition can help you see past these things and understand them in the larger context of the deeper real psychological and emotional “stuff” that’s hiding beneath the surface.

So all this talk about intuition.

Intuition can help you see past these things and understand them in the larger context of the deeper real psychological and emotional “stuff” that’s hiding beneath the surface.

Your intuition could even help you cut through a man’s ego and persona to get to the real person that’s often hard to find.

Intuition is probably the best tool for being able to identify good and bad qualities in a man.

Intuition and understanding is the “learning to read” of the dating and relationship experience.

In other words, don’t go through your life emotionally illiterate and stumbling over every feeling that pops up and every man who acts out around you.

Learn to read what’s going on for yourself and know what’s important and what’s not.

The rest will start to take care of itself.

Go here to check out all the details on my ebook and how you can download it and be reading in just a few minutes from now.

I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter


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