How Women Scare Their Soul Mate Away

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What is it that can make a man so completely irresistible to you?

If you’ve ever really fallen for a man… then you know how the intense feelings you have end up making you willing to take on or do almost ANYTHING to be with him.

But what is it about the right man that makes him so incredibly different and special from all the other men out there?

Is it because he’s great looking?

Is it his style and charisma?

Is it because he’s smart, talented and successful?

Or is it because he’s sexy and adventurous?

I could go on with all kinds of different reasons why you might fall for a man and feel so strongly for him…

But I want to share with you an important truth about how things ACTUALLY WORK when it comes to love, attraction, and relationships-

See… all these “traits” and “attributes” are great and they can make a man really attractive in one way or another…

But there’s something else that I’ve learned over the years that makes for the REAL MAGIC INGREDIENT that takes a man from just another “nice” and great looking guy, to being the kind of man you FALL FOR.

And it’s something that transcends ALL of the other details about personality, looks, etc.

It’s when a man has HIS ACT TOGETHER.

When a man has his “act together, he’s strong, but also sensitive at the same time.

He’s confident even when he’s under pressure. But, he’s never arrogant.

And there’s not much that can really “rattle” him. He rarely loses his composure.

He’s certain about who he is and he knows what he wants.

He’s simply unapologetically himself.

So what’s my point here?

My point is that there’s something you can learn from the kind of man who’s worth loving. A man who has his act together.

Let me ask you something…

Do you think a great guy who’s the kind of man you could fall for is home alone and waiting around for something to do on a Saturday night?

Do you think he calls up his friends worrying if the woman he met the other night likes him or not?

Do you think he’s having a hard time over the weekend and feels a little “off” because the woman he went out with and had a great time with the other night didn’t call him in several days?

Does he nervously analyze what she said in their last conversation, wondering if she’ll even take his next call, or if she’ll reject him?

Does he not make plans with his friends in the hopes that the woman he’s waiting on will finally want to see him?

Does he worry that she might meet a better looking, more interesting man? So much so that he feels uncomfortable about how she’s going out and having a great time meeting new people?

No way… NEVER. And that’s part of why you love a man who has his act together.

The truth is, the right man who’s confident and attractive doesn’t worry about any of these kinds of things.

Instead, he behaves in a way that shows he enjoys his own life and the time he spends when he isn’t with her.

And he genuinely knows that his time and attention is valuable… and that he’s worth spending time with.

And that if a woman doesn’t see that ? then she’s not worth HIS time.

Now, you might be thinking that any man who’s this confident and secure with himself isn’t likely to have much of a problem when it comes to women and dating.

But here’s the thing…

If you were dating a man who was good looking, successful, talented, smart, sweet, and fun to be around… but then he suddenly started acting very NEEDY and INSECURE with you, would you still think he had his act “together” and see him as desirable and irresistible?

Or would you quickly come to understand on an intuitive level that he didn’t quite have his act together… and wonder what else he had going on inside?

How would the fact that a man needed your APPROVAL to feel good about himself make you feel about him if you were just getting to know him?

When he called up with insecurity and anxiety in his voice trying to read you and hoping you were going to like him… would it be a turn on and show you he was the kind of man who had his act together?

No way.

If a man had his act together, he’d have his own life and wouldn’t be sitting around moping because he didn’t have a girlfriend, or a woman that was giving him attention.

He’d have the maturity and confidence to know what he wants in a woman… and to go about finding what he wanted and making it a reality. And he’d keep his composure as he went about creating the love life that he wanted with a woman.

Just being around him would feel fun, comfortable and exciting… because he knew what he wanted and he would feel confident in having CHOSEN YOU from all the other available women out there.

So what can you learn from a man who has his act together?

If you sit around waiting for a man to show you that you really are loveable and worthy of love and happiness… you just plain aren’t going to attract a very great man.

At least not one who has his own act together.

Of course, you don’t want to try and take on all the attractive “masculine” qualities of a man…

But here’s the reality…

The very things that make a man, who has his act together, so appealing and irresistible to be with are the very qualities that he is looking for in a woman to share his love and affection with.

In fact, the more a man has his act together, the more stricter he will be about ONLY spending his time with women who have their act together.

To make a long story short… if you don’t have “your act together” when you meet a man, or you “accidentally” act in some way that’s similar to how other women act when they don’t have their act together…

Then a man will instantly disqualify you as the kind of woman he would want to be with…and he just won’t ever “feel it” for you.

The window of opportunity for him to open up and grow closer to you will suddenly SHUT, never to open again. And that will be it.

And what’s worse… if you don’t have your act together and this happens as a man you are into or falling for starts to pull away because of the way you’re acting around him… then you’re likely to start worrying about all the things that will make him want you even less and push him even farther away from you.

You’d start asking him to tell you why he was pulling away so you could understand why he was acting the way he was. But he wouldn’t see this the way you would. He’d see your fear and your need to know what was going on with him as a sure sign that you didn’t have your act together.

You’d wait and wonder why he didn’t call, and be upset or frustrated with him when you did talk.

You’d rearrange your schedule and put your interests and life aside just to be with him at a moments notice.

Basically you’d become MAN-REPELLENT ? just when you had finally met a man worth worrying over.

So if you don’t have your own “act together”, or you find yourself losing your composure with men and messing things up for yourself and having men pull away… then what do you do?

How do you get yourself into a place so that when you actually meet the right man, the way you naturally are will have him find you as irresistible as you find him?

How do you have the space to be yourself and have your own feelings and emotions… and at the same time have a man get you and not be driven away?

Well, the reality is that your FEELINGS and your EMOTIONAL RESPONSES aren’t anything you choose to have.

They simply come up in the moment.

How many times have you been disappointed or frustrated with yourself for the way that you reacted or responded in the moment with a man… and you knew he started acting and feeling differently around you after.

Well, here’s the GOOD NEWS…

If you can identify the deeper source of your own FEARS and BELIEFS that are causing your negative feelings to come up with a man in the first place… then you things will start to fall into place for you naturally on all levels (emotional, intellectual, and spiritual).

The fact is, if you’re a mature, confident woman who has her life together… and you’ve taken the time to get your “inner world” handled, then men can FEEL it when they’re around you.

And they’re attracted to you like a MAGNET on a deep level for who you are inside.

But, if you aren’t there in your life, or if you can’t help but lose your composure and your emotions keep getting the best of you… then unfortunately there’s not much that will scare a man off faster.

I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love,

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

Christian Carter is a leading advisor to women on dating, relationships, connection and love. An expert in psychology, communication and behavior, Christian Carter has developed foundational concepts that help women understand men, dating and relationships. Visit Christian's official website, by clicking here.

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