Why You’re “Settling” For Bad Relationships

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Are you like lots of women out there who end up finding and dating all the WRONG MEN?

And what’s worse… you haven’t just done this once…

You’ve done this over and over to the point where one of the first things you think about when you meet a man is whether or not he’s going to turn out like all the rest.

Sound familiar?

Honestly… how many times in your life have you been attracted to and fallen for a man who later turned out to be anything but what you were looking for…even though he seemed great at first?

When you met your last great guy, you both shared amazing chemistry that just felt “right” from the very start… and because of this you didn’t really stop to wonder if he was good “relationship material”.

How you both felt was proof enough… and so you decided to drop your “baggage” and go with the flow.

Things felt so great that you didn’t want to let your thoughts and worries from the past get in the way just because of a few immature “man-boys” you somehow ended up with in the past.

You were certain that you were through with these “boys”, and you had promised yourself you were smarter and wiser now… and that you’d never end up with one of the wrong guys for the wrong reasons ever again.

But even then, the “little voice” in the back of your mind was there and kept finding every possible fault or “problem area” with the new man in your life.

And it drove you crazy trying to figure out if these things were a big deal, or if you were just overreacting.

Now, if you’re like most women I’ve met and talked to who have had the experience of dating a lot of the same kinds of “wrong men” over and over… then you’ve told yourself a hundred times that you are “too picky” now with men.

But once again, when you found a guy you felt great with, you decided to give love a chance… even though there were a few things that weren’t quite “sitting right” with you.

Like when he called a little too often in the beginning… which felt a little clingy and unappealing.

And you told yourself, “At least he’s calling. Not like the last guy.”

Then other things started cropping up you tried to ignore or tell yourself weren’t a big deal…

Like how he was easily annoyed by other people…co-workers, waiters, etc. and how other drivers could send him into a fit of “road rage”.

And how he started listening to you less and less as things went on… to where you could tell he wasn’t really tuned in and responding to you the way he was at first.

And the thing that REALLY bothered you started happening…

He stopped telling you how he felt about you.

When you first met, he was so affectionate and expressive that you felt amazing around him all the time.

But then the compliments he used to give you became fewer and farther between, until they basically stopped all together.

With all this going on, you started getting that bad feeling you got from those other guys at the time that things went from bad to worse…

And you wanted to say something about what was going on and how it made you feel,but part of you knew this wouldn’t help.

Trying to talk to him about it would probably only make things worse.

And maybe you were over-reacting. Or there was something going on with him that you didn’t understand.

So instead of saying something, you figured out ways of “fixing it” yourself by dropping hints, or worse… letting your emotions get the best of you and just acting ANNOYED with him (hoping he’d get the clue, figure it out and shape up).

The thing was… you really wanted the relationship to work,you really wanted him… and so you were willing to put up with a lot and be patient to try and make things work.

But ultimately, the relationship and the man you thought you’d just give a chance to failed again like the others…

If you get what I’m talking about here, then you know how frustrating this kind of situation can be.

You wonder why were you attracted to him in the first place and how this could happen again.

Was it simply because he was “emotionally unavailable”?

And why is it that the more a man seems to push you away once you’ve been close… the more you want them?

What if I told you that there was a way you could know IMMEDIATELY when you begin a relationship whether or not the man is right or wrong for you… and why?

What if you knew the big RED FLAGS in aman’s behavior that were true indicators of trouble down the line?

And what if you could be “tipped off” from the start on all the things that are just going to drain you and have your relationship go nowhere fast with a man? No matter how hard you try?

The unfortunate reality is that most men (and most people) often act different and put on their “best face” at the beginning when they’re first getting to know you.

This is true in job interviews and in friendships as much as it’s true when it comes to men, dating,and relationships.

I’m sure you’ve seen this with men in the past,where when a man gets “comfortable” with you, his guard comes down and he gets easily angered, he takes on a “controlling” attitude, or he suddenly isn’t “into” having a family (even though he gave you that impression in the beginning).

These “red flags” are very subtle in the beginning for most women… and almost impossible for them to see during the intoxicating and romantic early stage of a relationship.

But no matter how sublte these things are in the beginning, they can have HUGE implications down the road if you’re looking for love and a lasting relationship.

I’m sure you’ve met a man and found something about him that kind of bothered you… and then had that one little “annoyance” become something you fight about months down the line and that ends up breaking you apart in the end.

Here’s the point to all this…

What if you knew exactly how to communicate what you WANT and DON’T WANT with a man, in an easy and effective way that actually created a better level of communication and honesty between you?

And what if you could PREVENT the aggravating situations that have you constantly trying to “fix” your relationship… by knowing how to start things off right and be in the right place from the very beginning?

And not only that… but what if you were able to to recognize all the ways that YOU “sabotage” your own relationships BEFORE they even begin.

What if you could quickly identify and recognize all these things inside yourself… and you could literally TRANSFORM the way you approach your life and your relationships for the better forever?

First you’ll start seeing and understanding new things about yourself and your love life that you haven’t understood before…like why you attract some of the wrong men… and repel others.

And why you keep going around and around in relationship patterns that don’t ultimately serve you and what you’re looking for.

Then once you start seeing all this, you’re going to start noticing how your past painful situations are getting in the way of you creating a healthy, happy and committed relationship with a man.

And you’ll become CLEAR about what it is about YOU and your behavior that keeps you in all the wrong situations… and prevents the right ones from coming into your life and filling you with love and joy.

Over the years, one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t keep blaming OTHER PEOPLE (men) for what happens to you over and over.

The only thing in common with all these situations is YOU.

Have you ever really stopped to consider that it really might be YOUR THINKING and BEHAVIOR that is the source of problems in your relationships?

I’ll talk to you again soon. Best of luck In life and love,

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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