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What’s the secret to sharing an amazing Valentine’s Day with a man?

One that you and your man will both remember as the day that your love and passion for each other “clicked” into high gear?

Is it new lingerie?

An amazing dinner together?

A full body massage?

All of these things are nice, and are sure to make Valentine’s Day with a man special…

But they aren’t the the things that are going to turn your Valentine’s Day from just another dinner date together into an intense and passionate experience you’ll both never forget.

So what is going to make this experience happen?

The short answer is… YOU.

See, when it comes to how men think and feel with women and relationships… all of the “bells and whistles” of Valentine’s Day don’t mean a thing if you can’t give him that weak-in-the-knees and can’t-stop-thinking-about-you FEELING.

I’m talking the mental, physical and EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE here.

For most men, the “bells and whistles” of special events, holidays, etc. are just distractions from the TRUTH of your relationship.

For a man, he understands the truth of your relationship in the way he FEELS when he’s with you.

Following me here?

Here’s something I want you to think about…

If you have a special man in your life this Valentine’s Day, he may show up at your door with flowers and a box of chocolates.

He may wine and dine you and say all kinds of sweet and loving things.

But if he doesn’t continue to feel this way about you and show you how he feels tomorrow or the next day, how are you going to feel?

Would you feel confident in your relationship and in him?


You wouldn’t feel confident or secure with where things were going if this was happening.

You’d wonder why he was such a great guy on Valentine’s Day, even though he stopped showing you his love and affection soon afterwards.

Why do men do this?

Why are they so “hot and cold” sometimes?

How come a man will be so “into you” one minute… and then barely seem to care or notice you the next?

I’ll tell you the most important reason-

It’s ATTRACTION… and the presence of it,or the absence of it.

If a man feels an intense level of ATTRACTION for you, then he’s going to be instantly excited at the thought of you and want to do all the amazing things a romantic man will do.

But if a man DOESN’T feel that intense level of ATTRACTION for you, then there’s NOTHING you can do to get him to WANT TO be romantic, loving, affectionate and “into you”.

All your talking, conversation, trying to figure him out, and trying to do nice things for him won’t get you anywhere.

Because he won’t be FEELING IT for you.

That’s why the secret to a great Valentine’s Day is not just what to do and where to do it with a man…

It’s to learn how to create the kind of ATTRACTION inside a man that will make him do all kinds of amazing things for you and with you.

And then build on this and keep the attraction going strong in your relationship.

If the attraction isn’t there before the 14th, there’s not much you can do to change how a man is going to act or feel around you, and in your relationship.

But if you’ve built up the attraction a man feels for you, then when February 14th rolls around, the romance and love and affection will be there without having to ask him for it.

And better yet,it won’t end the day after Valentine’s Day. And things won’t go back to “normal” where a man isn’t very close or affectionate with you.

He’ll want to STAY CLOSE to you because he still feels intensely attracted.

(Translation – it wasn’t the day that made him show his love for you, it was the way you make him FEEL when he’s with you)

If you get where I’m going with this, then you might also guess that ATTRACTION isn’t just something that’s important for special holidays like Valentine’s Day.

In fact, it’s even MORE IMPORTANT every other day of the year, because that’s where most of your time is spent in a RELATIONSHIP.

Imagine having a man who was committed to you on an emotional level so that EVERY DAY would be special between you two the way Valentine’s Day is for other couples.

He would be caring and thoughtful…

He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off you.

He would give you little gifts and shows of love and affection just because he wanted you to know.

And he would do this all year round… without you having to put on a show with the fancy lingerie… or go out to a fancy dinner.

Are you imagining this?

Would this be something you want?

If so, I want you to realize something…

This is not just imaginary stuff.

There are women out there who do have the kind of amazing relationships with a man where he shows up with flowers on a random Tuesday night, just because he couldn’t stop thinking about her that day.

But why don’t YOU have this?

Have you not found that perfect man who is the kind of guy who does this stuff?

I’ve got news for you about this…

I’ve known TONS of men who seemed like they would NEVER be the kind of “romantic” who would show up on their woman’s doorstep with flowers, etc.

But when they found that certain woman who knew how to drive them wild and keep the man thinking about them… wouldn’t you know it…out came the flowers.

Of course, flowers are just another way a man can show a woman his love and affection, and let her know that he’s thinking about her.

There are lots of other ways too that lots of women get to experience and enjoy with men that FEEL that INTENSE LEVEL OF ATTRACTION for them.

The kind of attraction inside a man that makes them IRRESISTIBLE.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Christian Carter

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  1. Jenna Emrich says:

    Thank you so much. This will certainly help me to really be who i am and to come out of my shell. I usually am to worried about how others view me. but why should i let them make me act and feel different than who i really am.
    i understand things a lot better, so thanks.

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