Bad Dates? How To Meet Mr Right

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Did your last relationship end badly?

To where you can’t help but feel a little HOPELESS about what’s going to happen next for you?

And do you wonder if you’re ever going to finally find another good man, and the kind of loving and lasting relationship you want?

If so… then odds are you’re starting to realize a few critical things about your situation:

1) The great new man who you want to come into your life isn’t just going to find you at home or with your friends/family

2) You aren’t doing anything towards the goal of actually FINDING HIM (in fact, you are secretly resisting anything like this)

3)You haven’t started making “space for him” in your life yet by clearing your house, heart, and mind of your old relationship

Here’s where I’m going with this?

Maybe you’ve been slammed with work, or busy with your friends or family, or distracted by one thing or another…(or all of the above) and frankly, you just don’t have the TIME right now to add one more thing to your “to-do” list.

But in the back of your mind when you’re alone you start to wonder if there’s something more you should be doing to CREATE the love life you want.

Maybe you should be “getting back out there”…

Maybe you should do something other than your “routine” so that you meet someone new…

Maybe you should start going out on “dates”…

But every time you think about this, an ugly little voice pops up in your mind to stop you and says things like:

“I’m never going to find a good man.”

“I just don’t have time to date right now.”

“There aren’t any good men out there.”

“All the good men are taken or happily married, and not trolling the online personals.”

“I’m too old (or busy or unattractive) so who is going to want me anyway?”

And finally, you cap it all off with…

“It’s hopeless anyways. With my luck I’m going to be ALONE FOREVER.”

Do any of those sound familiar?

If so, then the mere thought of “dating” makes you want to completely give up on love it’s so depressing.

What’s the point if it’s such a nightmare?

And maybe in the weeks, months or years since your last relationship, you have gone out on a few dates. Maybe you even tried online dating.

But something always seems to go wrong that confirms what the little voice in your head has been telling you.

He’s too young. He’s too old. He’s got bad teeth and smells funny. You get a bad vibe. He isn’t interested in you. You’re not that interested in him. He wants too much of your time. He never calls back. He’s too eager and it’s a turn off. He’s too “hung up” on his ex…

The list goes on and on.

You start wondering, “is it just me or is the world just FULL OF JERKS AND LOSERS?”

And in an odd way, you do get some satisfaction from this, too… since every bad date you go on just PROVES that you’re right about men…

There are just no good ones out there.

But what if I asked you a simple question. Think about this for a minute.

Is it better to be right, or better to be HAPPY?

You talk to your girlfriends about how you wish you could be in a great relationship, so they try to offer you advice.

They tell you that you need to open up and GET OUT THERE to meet new people.

They tell you that you keep attracting the wrong guy, that’s all, and if you just TRY HARDER to give the “good guys” a chance,you could make it work.

Maybe they’ve even told you that some counseling would do you good, and maybe that you should get your own life in order first, and forget dating for a while.

And if you’re like a lot of women I know, you probably roll your eyes and think, “Yeah, but. You don’t know my situation. I’m doing the best I can and it’s still not working. It’s just NOT THAT EASY!”

You may have even felt furious a few times with your “well-wisher” friends and family who think you can just snap your fingers and find a man right on the spot!

What are they thinking! Right?

OK, so let me tell you that while it may feel good to think that they are “wrong” and you’re “right”, it’s not what I know is true. And it’s certainly not what is going to get you moving toward a place in your life where you will be SUCCESSFUL in meeting, attracting, and keeping Mr. Right.

I DON’T agree with all those negative things you’ve been telling yourself.

I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to meet the right man who will love and respect and care for you the way you want and deserve.

I’m here to tell you that it IS easy, and that all those things you’re telling yourself are not only false, but they are PREVENTING YOU from getting what you really and truly want.

Because the weird thing is, if you THINK you’re never going to find an attractive man who will spark your interest and want a committed relationship with you, guess what?


I want you to go back and reread that again, because it’s important.

There is an old saying that goes something like, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.”

YOU, and ONLY YOU, have the power to create your own life.

You have the ability to shape your experience by the things you tell yourself and believe to be true. So think for a minute…

What kinds of things are you telling yourself about dating and relationships?

Like, “I’ll never find the right guy” or “I’m just not young enough/thin enough/attractive enough…”

These are all negative thoughts that can lead you to behave in a way that MAKES THEM COME TRUE.

I’ll talk to you again soon. Best of luck In life and love,

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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