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I wouldn’t bother reading this unless you’re:

A) Single

B) Tired or fed up with dating and men who don’t know what they want

C) Even the smallest bit uncertain about when, where, and how you’ll meet the “right guy” in your life

If any of this at all describes you, then I’d like to talk to you for a minute and share a few things that could be more valuable to you than anything you’ve learned about men and dating in the last several years.

First, let me ask you…

Do you ever feel frustrated that there just aren’t many good men out there?

At least not men who are looking for a real woman like you. And a real relationship.

Sure – there seems to be lots of men who would love a fling, or to spend their time with a younger woman who will tell them how terrific they are and inflate their ego for a while.

But I’m talking about men who are looking and capable of something better.


Do you ever get the feeling that at this stage of your life, you might never find a real man like this you can really connect and share yourself with?

If so, then let me also ask you…

Do you ever meet other women who seem to have a kind of natural ability to meet and attract great men… and who seem to have “the pick of the litter” when it comes to guys who actually are the kind of men you could share something meaningful with?

If you know a woman like this, then you know that it’s almost like she’s luckier than other women… as she seems to effortlessly attract men to her without even trying.

If you don’t know a woman like this, then let me strongly suggest that you meet one, because there are women are out there like this… and you could learn a TON from them.

I’m talking about the kind of women who not only don’t have to worry about if they’re going to have a fun date on Friday night…

I’m talking about the kind of women who know how, when, and where to find great guys who are fun, charming, successful, attractive, etc.

And more importantly… I’m talking about the kind of women who know how to actually talk to, connect with, and EMOTIONALLY ENGAGE a great guy any time and any place she happens to run across him.

How many times have you seen or met a guy who seemed like a real “catch”, but you had no idea what to do or say in order to get his attention?

You didn’t even know where to start.

And since he didn’t “make a move” or do anything to start things off, nothing happened.

You might have even had times in your life where there was one special guy you kept seeing and being around… but you were NEVER able to break the ice and take things out of the “friend zone” and into an intimate connection.

Moments like these can be telling.

The thing is, if you’re single and you want to meet a great guy…

Either you know how to talk to a man and get his attention and interest if he doesn’t pursue you on his own… or you don’t.

And if you don’t, guess what?

It’s time you did 2 things:

1) Stop avoiding the fact that you DON’T know how to make things come together and happen with a real man once you find him

2) Start looking for ways to find and meet a great guy instead of feeling frustrated or upset that you don’t know any right now

And now it’s time for a some tough love-

Here’s what I believe is going on with you right now…

I believe that part of the time that you feel like your love life isn’t going anywhere, there really might not be any great guys around for you to meet and get to know.

But I also believe that, if you’re honest with yourself, then what’s more important than there not being lots of great men around is the fact that YOU don’t know how to identify, meet, date, and truly connect with men in order to create something that can be hard to come by in the first place-

Real and lasting LOVE.

Sure, you could wait around and hope that love finds you… and that a great guy is going to come along and everything is going to be easy and fall into place.

But if you’ve been waiting a while for this to happen (maybe even years and years) … you might not realize that for 99.8% of women out there, true love doesn’t just fall into their laps.

In other words, you might actually have to DO SOMETHING about your love life and your situation for yourself.

I know it sounds EASIER for things to come to you and work out the way you want them to…but I can promise you that life is a whole lot HARDER if you wait around and things never happen for you.

You know this somewhere inside.

So tell me something…

You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve met a guy and at first you felt kind of indifferent to him, or hardly interested.

But as you got to know him “accidentally”, or because of some specific circumstance such as work or friends in common, you got to know him and started to see was an amazing guy.

Not only that… but you started to see that he was really ATTRACTIVE and interesting.

But by then it was too late, and you were either stuck being his “friend”, or he was dating another woman.

To make a long story short, you missed out and you knew it.

The point is… if you don’t know how to recognize a great guy when you first meet him, then your odds of bringing a great guy like this into your life go down DRAMATICALLY.

First impressions are important.

For some men they’re EVERYTHING.

And if you don’t make the right first impression, it’s as though a door swings shuts in their mind that will never open again.

Nothing is going to make up for the reality that you’re likely to stay alone and unloved if you can’t get a man to take notice, open up to you, and become interested and attracted to you for the right reasons.

The good news is… a couple of my more successful women friends and I can help you.

But if, and only if, you’re willing to take the time to learn what really works.

(Of course, if you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing, and keep getting the same outcomes with men… go right ahead)

Speaking of which… what if I told you I knew a woman who had more of that “natural ability” to meet, attract, and connect with great guys than almost any other woman I had ever met?

And what if I told you that she has spent hundreds of hours helping and coaching women one on one and successfully teaching them exactly how to make their love lives come true – from scratch.

And what if I also told you that I had spent several hours with her getting all of her very best real-world tips and secrets that other women had paid thousands of dollars over days and weeks to hear and understand?

And that these were truly the things you needed to know if you wanted to literally jump-start your love life and identify, meet and attract great guys from today forward?

Would you be interested in knowing about it?

Would you be interested in learning how to feel 100% confident in your ability to talk to and connect with a great guy? And to know what he was thinking and what he said or did around you really meant?

And would being able to capture a man’s interest in just a few moments of conversation sound like something you’d want to know about?

And how about being able to do this anywhere you were, and at any time… with any man you were interested in?

Do I have your attention?

Good – because I want you to learn all of these amazing things that tons of women never learn in their lives… and so they go on living in a world of UNCERTAINTY and INSECURITY when it comes to men, dating, and relationships.

Don’t let that be you for another day.

I can help you jump-start your love life TODAY… and here’s how:

I’ve just interviewed this amazing woman I’ve been talking about – Lauren Frances.

And she just shared with me all of her very best secrets to what she calls “Dating, Mating, And Manhandling…”

In fact, let me tell you a few of the details about my Interview with Lauren and what you will learn by listening to it:

-How to know if a man is single and interested in you in the FIRST TEN SECONDS of talking to him

-How to flirt effectively without seeming aggresive, too obvious, or desperate

-The SINGLE MOST COMMON FEAR that keeps good men from approaching women

-What to say to a man that lets him know you’re interested but doesn’t sound canned or cheesy

-The best LOW-RISK way to ask a man on a date that doesn’t seem pushy or desperate

-What animal most closely resembles men in behavior, and how using and understanding this can instantly help you understand why men get DISTANT – and what to do about it

-When men fall in love… and when and why they don’t

-A super effective way to find out on a FIRST DATE whether or not the man is relationship and commitment-ready

-The biggest misperception a women can have about a man on a first date that could cause you to let a GOOD GUY slip by

-The BEST question to ask a man to learn if he has “issues” that would prevent him from wanting a meaningful, committed relationship with you – while building the level of interest and attraction he feels for you

-The little known secret to sparking incredible CHEMISTRY on the first date that lasts

-Specific moves you can do with your body that will make a man feel you UNDERSTAND him and have a connection with him

-A fun and flirtatious “game” you can play with a man on a date that he’ll love to play and will tell you almost all the IMPORTANT things you need to know about a his character

-Why a man will reveal his DARKEST SECRETS before he even gets to know you… and how to listen so you don’t miss out on this valuable information

-The actual QUALITIES in a woman that men fall in love with

-The key difference between the “hardened bachelor” and the “marrying type”, and how to spot one from the other immediately

-What it means when a man starts PULLING AWAY after he’s been “romancing” you for weeks

-The ULTIMATE heartache prevention question every woman should ask every man on the first date

-What sex REALLY means to a man, and how to use that knowledge to create the kind of LASTING and NATURAL attraction that will lead to a more fulfilling love life

-Specific TIPS and things to say to a man to allow a natural flow toward an EXCLUSIVE, long-term relationship.

-Why casually dating more than one man changes everything about how the man you might really like sees you… and when to become exclusive with that one man

-Why so many women SETTLE for a guy who’s never going to want what they want… and how to avoid this trap in the first place before you fall for a guy who isn’t ready

-The KEY SIGNS that tell you he’s serious about you… and what to do next when you see these signs

-A great technique to SLOWING things down without seeming like a “prude”, and actually intensifying his feelings for you as a result.

And I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love!

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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