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If you’re like lots of women I’ve met and talked to, then at some point in your life you’ve had a guy be “into you”, flirt, and get close…

But then, soon after, he quickly stopped trying to get closer to you and said something like:

“I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

Even though he was ALL OVER YOU a few weeks, days, or minutes ago.

What is going on here?

(Besides the common and obvious idea that men are driven by their sexual desires and there’s nothing you can really do about it.)

Well, let’s get to the bottom of this.

But first, here’s something even more BIZARRE and FASCINATING about how men think and act with women…

Why in the world would a man tell a woman he’s NOT looking for a relationship, but then when he meets a different woman very soon after, maybe even days or weeks later, his attitude does a 180, and suddenly he’s “ready” for a commitment with this other woman?

Seriously now.

What’s up here?

How can a man change his whole “story” so quickly from one situation to another with a woman?

Or can he?

I’ve realized something fascinating recently in a conversation I had with an amazing woman.

And my bet is that the things she said not only relate to you and your experience with men, dating, and relationships… but can also show you a lot to help you learn from those experiences.

So let’s get to your personal situation for a second.

Let me ask you…

Have you ever met a man that you were absolutely crazy about but whenever you tried to talk about taking the relationship to the next level of COMMITMENT, he got defensive or angry or just started acting differently and you just knew something was wrong?

And no matter how hard you tried, you felt there was just no way you were going to ever get close enough to really create a “real” and loving relationship?

Maybe you even convinced yourself that he wasn’t the “relationship type”… that he had “commitment issues”, and that it had nothing to do with YOU.

But after some time you heard something you could hardly believe…

Months or years later you found out that he has a full-blown GIRLFRIEND.

Or even a FIANCE or a WIFE.

When this happened, you probably said to yourself, “What!?”

And then you thought one of two things:

1) He must have gone through some sort of major “life transformation” since we were together because he’s suddenly become much more open emotionally and is “settling down”. And I wonder why he couldn’t get to this place with me.


2) This is my fault. Something about me and how I am with men ruined things with him. And things worked out for him with love once he was with another woman and not with me because I guess I’m not really good enough, beautiful enough, or worth loving.

If you’ve gone through this several times, you probably have a favorite way of explaining these things in your mind.

Either the men you date always end up going through emotional “crises” and figure it out later without you when it’s too late… or you’re always the one screwing things up.

The reality is, even if you do believe things are one way or the other, things in your love life are never this black and white.

And regardless, there is a way to make certain that things start to work differently for you.

What if I told you there was an easy way to “stack the deck” in your favor when it comes to men, dating, relationships, and love… so you will end up being that “other woman” who even the most DIE-HARD “players”, or the most isolated and closed men, are willing to trade in their single lifestyles to be with?

What if you could be the kind of woman a man BRAGS to his buddies about (in a good way) and can’t wait to come home to?

The kind of woman who a man naturally wants to go out of his way to make sure is happy and feels fulfilled?

I’m here to tell you there IS a way to make a man feel this way and be this kind of woman in his mind.

You’ve seen other women experience this kind of easy-going situation where a man feels so great around you and so certain that he wants to be with you that you naturally get closer and closer.

And now it’s your turn to know how to create and experience this for yourself…

I just finished up an INCREDIBLE interview with someone who shared a simple set of principles and easy-to-use steps to becoming that “amazing woman” that a man will do anything to be with and STAY WITH.

In our interview, this ingenious woman shared a TON of incredibly simple but powerful ideas all on what women often do that pushes men further away… and what you can do instead that will help a man actually want to CHASE YOU for an exclusive and committed relationship.

How many times have you sat there scratching your head wondering what it was about other women that made good guys so eager to jump into relationships with them… while you’re so much more thoughtful, loving, fun, and generous but guys just don’t think of you or see you in that way?

Well, when I met first met the woman I recently interviewed, I knew I had to interview her and pick her brain… not only because she was an accomplished dating coach with a weekly radio show and a great book out – but get this – she has the unique experience of actually owning a CAFE that was designed specifically to bring singles together for lasting relationships.

You literally won’t believe the incredible things she saw, witnessed, and learned along the way during her experience owning and running one of New York’s most popular “singles spot” that was designed specifically to help men and women meet and find “the one” for them.

Through her New York cafe and her dating service, she was responsible for literally THOUSANDS of couples and literally HUNDREDS of marriages… and created quite a name for herself.

If you think about it… lots of people have advice on how to create and maintain great relationships.

But this woman has had the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE making relationships and marriages come together and work IN THE REAL WORLD.

So as you can probably guess, it’s no surprise that the interview I did with this special woman turned out to be INCREDIBLE.

Here are just a few of the fantastic tips and strategies she shared:

- How to meet and attract a phenomenal guy who is perfect for you… AND how to make the critical transition to a “committed” relationship in a smooth, natural, easy way

- One simple idea that is CRITICAL to creating a successful relationship with the man you want… (This will also help you learn how to relax and really ENJOY a man’s company and conversation, even on the first date)

- Why so many women only see dating as the path to a committed relationship – and why this attitude, although isn’t “wrong”, creates fatal problems from the start with a man

- The GIANT mistake she saw tons of women, who remained single in her cafe, make without ever knowing it – and how to make sure you avoid it

- How to keep yourself motivated to stay open and enjoy dating (especially when it feels like dating is just too much “work” and you’re getting nowhere)

- Most women say that finding a great guy is the #1 factor in their long term happiness… yet most women spend VERY LITTLE of their time looking for him specifically. Here’s EXACTLY how many hours you should spend each week looking for a great guy to not only FIND him, but to keep your SANITY in the process and get the RESULT you’re looking for

- Why it’s so important to DIVERSIFY and try different ways to meet men – and the top 3 ways you definitely want to include on a WEEKLY basis in order to meet great guys and have fun

- How to tell the difference between events that are likely to have TONS of the type of man YOU want to meet – and those other events that are always filled with weirdos, wackos, losers, and players that you want to AVOID.

- Do you think going out with your girlfriends helps you meet more men? Or does it scare men away? Here’s the straight scoop from an expert on this VITAL question.

- A super simple yet overlooked way to get ANY man to start a conversation with you at a bar or lounge (This technique is so easy you can go out and start using it IMMEDIATELY)

- Do you know that men are often intimidated by SHY women? It’s true. Here’s why men act the way they do, and how to make yourself look approachable – without going too far and appearing DESPERATE. (The secret is balance, and Nancy explains EXACTLY how to find it)

- How to turn your shoulders in a way that invites a man to come over and chat with you (and what to do with your lips and hips that’ll have a man talking to you in no time flat)

- How much effort you should put into directing the relationship – and when you should back off and let him lead things (the trick is to understand how to strike the balance between being generous and letting him walk all over you. Here’s how to make the right move, EVERY time)

- The differences between how men and women naturally communicate (when you know what they are, you’ll be able to “read” a man’s actions and know EXACTLY what he’s trying to tell you)

- The tell-tale signs of how to tell the difference between a man in “relationship mode” and a man in “sex mode” (This will save you TONS of time relating to men who simply aren’t looking to settle down into a monogamous relationship)

- How to tell the difference between online players and the truly “great catches” online (WARNING: Players know how to present themselves as the PERFECT guy online… so you need to know how to spot a fraud and know when it’s the real deal. Here’s how…)

- How women subtly kill all hopes of chemistry when they finally meet an emotionally mature, “good guy” (Once you learn this mistake, you won’t believe how much passion you can bring out in even the NICEST of nice guys – without any effort AT ALL.)

- The SECRET EVIL HABITS that prevent women from ever being seen as the type of “cool chick” a man will do ANYTHING to be with – how to tell if you’re guilty of them, and what to do instead.

- The danger of being TOO CONSIDERATE to a man and trying to make every decision a “win-win”. (Hint: if you give too much in a relationship, even if you have the best intentions, you will KILL ATTRACTION and push him away FOREVER. Here’s the solution…)

- Ever been with a “weak” man? Discover the ways women subconsciously take power away from their man – and kill all hopes for a passionate, sexy relationship (PLUS: a sure-fire way to help him become the strong, decisive man you’d LOVE him to be)

- An easy way to navigate the turbulent waters of talking about sex and exclusivity… how soon is too soon… AND what his expectations are when he has SEX with you (they’re probably a lot DIFFERENT than you think)

- An evolved way of expressing your anger or frustration to a man – this is a special strategy that makes him able to hear you, respect what you have to say, AND open up to you on a DEEPER level

- Why putting a man in the role of therapist is a DEATH WISH for your relationship – and the WARNING SIGNS that tell you you’re making this critical mistake without even KNOWING it.

- Why putting on pressure to get married is a no- no, and the simple step you can take at ANY TIME to let a man know it’s time to commit – or even PROPOSE to you… without resorting to the kind of pressure that will push him away

- A secret to keeping your hopes, dreams, and individuality when you’re in a relationship – and why this will completely TURN-AROUND the connection between you and a great guy

- And much, much more…

I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in life and love!

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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