Do Men Leave Women Because Of Drama?

Do Men Leave Over Dating Drama?

Have you ever sat down to try and get things on track in your relationship, but when you sat down with your man and told

Dating After Divorce and Breakup

Dating After A Break Up Or Divorce

Have you recently had a relationship end and felt like you couldn’t completely “move on”… even though you want to and you know it’s over?

Doubting The Relationship

What To Do If He’s Doubting Your Relationship

I recently got a few questions in an email from a reader, and I wanted to share the email and my response. I know you’ll

single forever lonely alone

Overcoming The Fear Of Being Single Forever

I’ve got a fascinating story for you. Tell me if it sounds familiar… You’re hanging out talking with some friends, when all of a sudden

“Fixing It” After You’ve Acted “Too Emotional”

“Fixing It” After You’ve Acted “Too Emotional”

I purchased a copy of your ebook yesterday! It’s amazing, it’s like my new bible! Woo! Congrats! I was reading and got really scared when


Why Successful Women Fail With Men

Christian, I found your book Catch Him And Keep Him to be incredibly interesting and quite insightful. I had many moments of clarity on a

when man pulls away

Why Affection Can Make A Man Pull Away

Curious about what makes a man see a woman as “relationship material”… and why some women always seem to be the ones to have fun

emotionally distant men

What To Do When He Is Emotionally Distant

Ever wonder how in the world you’re supposed to get closer to a man and connect with him, let alone have a real relationship, when