Catch Him And Keep Him

Catch Him and Keep HimCatch Him and Keep Him is guru Christian Carter‘s first book for women to improve their dating and relationships.

Catch Him and Keep Him delves into the male mind and how it reacts when it’s involved with the dating world. It’s an inside look into how men think, from the perspective of a guy who’s been there – and done that.

I find the masculinity of the book refreshing. This isn’t written by a counselor or a gay guy friend of yours: Christian Carter is very much in touch with his masculinity, and he doesn’t pull punches. He tells you what guys are really thinking and doing: the bare bald facts that most of us women don’t want to hear.

In our hearts, I think many of us wish that men could be more like women. We wish that men could enjoy talking about their feelings more, could give up their addictions to gadgets and start getting hooked on having a family, kids, and even enjoy shopping with us more than just at Christmas time.

According to Christian Carter, that sort of thinking has to stop. Men live in a different reality, and it is our job as women to understand where men are coming from without judgement.

You can learn how to recognize a Player and the motives that drive them to play with hearts. Find yourself challenged to consider why you’re attracted to strong, dominant unavailable men and “players” … exactly the sort of men who will NOT make for a good relationship.

One of Christian Carters’s central themes is the importance of understanding your emotional responses and acting on them appropriately. Christian challenges women to look at how flimsy their intuitive sense of a “connection” with a man really is: while the woman is sure he’s “The One” and planning their wedding invitations after the first date, he’s just thinking what a great gal she is and how great the sex will be. Christian injects a note of reality:

“You’d be crazy to take the close relationship and love you want to find and gamble it away by betting on a guy whose greatest qualification is that he makes you feel attracted to him.” (p.33)

Christian challenges you to be realistic about your expectations and assess your “emotional fitness.” Do you take responsibility for your life, or do you play the victim? Are you a “cool girl” or a “hysterical woman”? His list of Cool Girl Do’s and Dont’s hit home for many women. He’s right on the money about the kind of girl guys think is a great catch.

The question remains: should you buy Christian Carter’s Catch Him and Keep Him book?

I believe so. This book is a great start into understanding what really goes on inside a man’s mind and more importantly, how you can use that information to find a great guy!

Click here to download Christian Carter’s book Catch Him And Keep Him.

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